Corporate Chronicles

Every organization – corporate, industrial, non-profit, governmental, religious – has a story to tell and history to chronicle and preserve. Current and future stakeholders will benefit from a video that lets them see and hear what came before.

Memories Matter

Your family, its events, and its adventures are important. That’s why we want to help you keep the memories alive, long after the experiences have passed. We are available and excited to offer the following services to families within Northern BC and in Vancouver.

• Family Reunions
• Renovation Project Storytelling
• High School Graduations
• Sporting Events
• Artist Interviews
• Vacations and Road Trips


Milestone Projects

Every family also has milestones to preserve by video, including those of religious or spiritual significance.

• Milestone Birthdays
• Milestone Anniversaries
• First Nations Ceremonies
• Confirmations, Baptisms + Christenings
• Memorial Services + Celebrations of Life

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