Get a truck-driving license

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In 2017, the Kermode Friendship Centre embarked on a social enterprise that should have been launched decades ago. Cal Albright, Executive Director, disregards woulda-coulda-shoulda’s and voilà, the Kermode Driving School. Cal saw a need and filled it for the First Nations communities where people without drivers licences faced barriers to employment, or worse, could not wait for their ride to show up and decided to hitchhike. This driving school in Terrace, BC provides one-on-one instructors teaching people to drive a 1/2 ton truck. This commercial was an exciting production about 2 young women (in the picture) hitchhiking on a lonely highway. The 2 bad guys (in the picture, but in reality really nice guys) drive up to the girls and give them a scare. It’s an ending with a twist, and it goes to show that knowledge is power. Much thanks to Kermode Friendship Centre and the crew!

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